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Monthly Archives: October 2022

    3 Graphs Showing Why Today’s Housing Market Isn’t Like 2008

    By Brent DeShazer | October 26, 2022

    With all the headlines and talk in the media about the shift in the housing market, you might be thinking this is a housing bubble. It’s only natural for those thoughts to creep in that make you think it could be a repeat of what took place in 2008. But the good news is, there’s... Read More

    The Latest on Supply and Demand in Housing

    By Brent DeShazer | October 18, 2022

    Over the past two years, the substantial imbalance of low housing supply and high buyer demand pushed home sales and buyer competition to new heights. But this year, things are shifting as supply and demand reach an inflection point. The graph below helps tell the story of just how different things are today. This year,... Read More