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How Can We Help You?

How Can We Help You?

Connecting amazing people to amazing homes, Concierge Real Estate brings passion and expertise to California’s highly sought after Real Estate Market.

Named one of California’s leading ranch experts, Concierge Real Estate is known among colleagues, clients and community for their professionalism, integrity and positive attitude. With an in depth knowledge of the value of real estate, Concierge takes a strategic approach to every deal and have proven to maximize profits and savings on both the purchase and sale side of the industry.

Their devotion to ensuring the success of their clients is unrivaled. “Our goal is to ensure we gain the complete trust and confidence of each client that we will protect their investment and better their future by building wealth through real estate.”

As an advocate for the preservation of California land and wildlife, Concierge Real Estate dedicates 10% of their proceeds to Sierra Foothill Conservation, a grant funded organization working to protecting important natural wildlife habitats, maintain water quality, and preserve natural lands.




Client Testimonials

When others said it couldn’t be done, they got it done! When no one said we could get financing, she got us together with the owner so the owner could get to know us and then the owner agreed to carry the financing for the first two years. We can’t imagine living anywhere else.